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EZ-PLY Dispensers
Provide Speed and Flexibility for Most Labeling Applications

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With EZ-PLY Dispensers you can:

  • Dispense labels reliably because the feed mechanism keeps the labels running smoothly
  • Apply labels conveniently, in one quick step
  • Eliminate hand labeling and save time
  • Utilize preprinted labels to any item to include the necessary bar code, product identification, pricing or other important label data
  • Remove jammed labels easily since the friction rolls are accessible
  • Load label rolls quickly and simply because moving parts are accessible

Twelve character capacity-on two lines of print

Perfect for a broad range of labeling applications, Esselte Meto EZ-PLY Dispensers are designed to give you uninterrupted speed and flexibility. They're ideal for such retail and industrial labeling applications as bar code, promotional, price, work-in-process, quality control, shipping and warning labels. Dispensing price mark and thermal as well as film-based labels is a snap. Standard die-cut and even butt-cut labels are no problem.

EZ-PLY Dispensers apply variable width labels in a broad range of sizes and materials. Available in two models, EZ-PLY dispenses labels from 12 to 33mm (5" to 1.3") wide. You can also affix labels as large as 63mm (2.5?) wide and of practically any length.

With EZ-PLY, the length of the label does not affect its smooth dispensing operation. As you apply labels with a simple reverse hand motion, the backing paper releases automatically. After dispensing each label, the next label is ready for application with 10mm (.4?) of material all set for adhesion to the surface.

EZ-PLY Dispensers

Two Versions

  • #150901 EZ-PLY 33: Dispenses Labels from 12 to 33mm wide. Includes Adapter Sleeves:
    I5mm (.6") #886911
    25mm (1”) #886912
  • #150902 EZ-PLY 63: Dispenses Labels from 12 to 63mm wide. includes Adapter Sleeves:
    I5mm (.6?) #886911
    25mm (1”) #886912
    40mm (1.6?) #886913
  • Adapter sleeves serve two functions:
    • Reduce the inner diameter measurement when using label rolls with large core inner diame~ers over 40mm (approx. 1.5 inches)
  • Enable the user to rewind thermal labels, printed on Esselte Meto's Series 8 thermal printers. The full roll of labels can then be easily inserted in the dispenser, for quick and easy labeling.

  • Features

    • Two Versions - allow flexibility in label width
    • Visibility of Dispensing Position - provides operator with quick reference for labeling
    • Access to Friction Rolls - allows easy removal of jammed labels
    • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design - minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes efficiency
    • Label Core Compatibility - complements your Esselte Meto Series 8 thermal printers
    • Removable Label Roll Holder - makes label roll exchanges faster
    • Easy Accessibility to Moving Parts - makes loading new label rolls fast and simple
    • Esselte Meto Quality - provides solid durability for years of continuous use

    Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 10oz.

    • Dimensions:
      EZ-PLY 33: 10" x 2-1/2"
      EZ-PLY 63: 10" x 3-1/2"

    • Color: black

    • Largest Diameter: 120mm (4.7")

    • Core Diameter: 26mm- 50mm (1"-2?)

    • Label Materials: Papers and Film

    • Butt cut or up to 3mm (.1”) between labels

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